Toyota & Lexus UB80E TechTran

UB80E TechTran
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Product Overview

This ATSG Toyota & Lexus UB80E TechTran manual will guide you in the complete teardown and assembly of the UB80E transmission with many diagnostics included as well.

The UB80E was introduced for the 2018 model year in the Toyota Camry with 2.5 liter four cylinder engine. It’s use expanded to other Toyota models such as the Avalon and RAV4 and soon after was followed by the Lexus ES300 and in 2019 the UB80F made it’s appearance in the RAV4 as an all wheel drive version.

The UB80E utilizes four driving and two holding clutches to provide eight forward speeds and one reverse gear. The UB80E is a clutch to clutch type shifting transmission and therefore does not use a one-way clutch nor does it use any brake bands allowing each gear to have two components on and four off.

The UB80E is a full electronically controlled transmission that employs six clutch control solenoids, one line pressure control solenoid, one lockup control solenoid and an on/off lockup solenoid for a total of nine solenoids. It also relies on a transmission range sensor for gear shift position input as well as an
input and output speed sensor and a transmission temperature sensor which is all controlled by a common computer that manages both the engine and transmission.

The UB80E also is equipped with a torque converter clutch which can lockup in any gear. The system is capable of providing manual shift control using shift paddles as well as normal automatic shift through all gears. There is also a sport range mode for a more aggressive driving experience. Do not confuse this transmission with the UA80E which is usually behind the 3.5 liter V6 engine which operates very much like the UB80E including parts that look similar but are not due to dimensionaldifferences that do not allow interchangeability.