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Product Overview

The Ford 6F35 is very similar to GM’s 6T40 series due to cooperative engineering between Ford Motor Company and General Motors, however, very few parts between the 6F35 and 6T40 are interchangeable. The 6F35 has two design levels, Generation 1 built from 2009 to 2012 and Generation 2 built from 2013 to present. It is important for the rebuild technician to pay close attention to parts differences between Generation 1 and 2. One of the major differences between the 6F35 and 6T40 applications is computer location. The TCM for the 6T40 is inside the transmission while 6F35 equipped vehicles are controlled externally.

Hydraulic controls are also different between the 6T40 and 6F35 meaning valve bodies and oil passages will not be the same. Valve bodies between 6F35 Generation 1 and 2 are also different which indicates the two are not interchangeable. Solenoid operation and control are also different between 6F35 Generation 1 and 2. In addition, the transmission cooling systems are different between Generation 1 and 2 and cooler configuration can also be different depending on model.

This manual will show the disassembly and assembly of both the Generation 1 and 2 transmissions as well as component differences and transmission specifications.