948TE Tool Kit by ATSG

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Product Overview

The 948TE Tool Kit is a match made in transmission heaven! The 948TE Pump Compression Tool and the 948TE E-CLutch Molded Seal Press are the duo to rid you of your 948TE transmission woes. Save some moolah by combining them in this handy kit, for only $50!    The 948TE Pump Compression Tool is designed to reach through the driven gear to compress the bottom end conical springs. This makes so that the snap ring can be removed. Once the pump has been serviced, the same tool is used to compress the pump into the housing to install the retaining snap ring.    The 948TE E-Clutch Molded Seal Press is designed to evenly press the inner piston molded seal onto the E-Clutch drum. This tool ensures there is no distortion during install of the 948TE transmission.