6L80 Pliers by ADAPT-A-CASE

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Product Overview

The 6L80E ushered in a new era as GM’s rear-wheel drive workhorse. A fascinating design that uses a Lepelletier-inspired gear train; it also uses a large aluminum center support which must be removed to gain access to the low/reverse clutch pack and the rear planet assembly.

The center support houses the 2-6 clutch pack on the front side and the low/reverse on the rear. The size of the support and the amount of stress of the two clutch packs it contains made necessary the use of a rather large, extremely stout snap-ring to hold it firmly in place.

Therefore, a rather large and stout pair of pliers is required! The T-6800AC is up to the task!

Until just recently none were available. To remove the snap ring many have found it necessary to cut into the case from the bottom to gain access with a screwdriver and hammer to “pop” it out of the groove.

Replacement tips are available as part number T-4513-3