68RFE TechTran

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Product Overview

Beginning at the start of production for the 2006 model year Chrysler Corporation has introduced a new version of the 5/45RFE transmission and is found in Dodge Ram trucks. This ATSG Technical Manual on the 68RFE specifically tells us that this new unit has 6 forward speeds, a relative torque rating of 8, is for Rear drive vehicles and is Fully Electronic controlled. The 68RFE transmission is a sophisticated, multi-range, electronically controlled transmission which combines optimized gear ratios for responsive performance, improved efficiency features, and low NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness). Other features include driver adaptive shifting and three, 6 pinion, planetary gear sets to provide wide ratio capability with precise ratio steps for optimum driveability. There have been several engineering changes in the gear train to improve durability and reliability. This 68RFE TechTran can be used for the 65RFE and 66RFE.