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This package includes the video download of our entire live 2024 Seminar (5-hours of content), 2024 Seminar Book Set, and the one-of-a-kind ATSG hat. The link to download the video will be emailed to you immediately after purchase. The 2024 Seminar Book Set and show hat will ship FREE within 1 day of purchase. Save $50 on an extra Seminar Book Set by adding it to this order!  


GM: 4L/6L Series; Pazco Slide Spring Installer, 6L50; Slip/Bang On Initial Take-Off, 6L80/90; Harsh Coast Downshifts, 6L80; Blown #40 Trans Fuse, 6L80; Driveshaft Yoke Damage, 6L80; Falls Out Of Gear At A Stop, 6L80; Harsh 1-2 Shift, 6L90; No 2nd Or 6th Gear, 6T Series/6F; Turbine Shaft Interchange, 6T40; Transmission Fluid Leak, 6T45; Slipping On Initial Take-Off, 6T70; Movement With Elevated Engine RPM Only, 8L45/90; Whining Noise, 8L/10L Series; Setting DTC P0708, 8L90; Clutch Component Changes, 8L90; Front Cover Support Gasket Change, 8L90; No Forward, Good Reverse, 8L90; Rear Wheel Lockup, 8L90; Reverse In All Gear Shift Positions, 8L90; Transmission Overheating, 9T Series; No Reverse, 9T Series; Setting DTC P187E, 9T Series; Fluid Level Control Changes, 9T Series; Setting DTC P18XX, 9T Series; Rattle From Front Of Transmission, 9T50/60; 1-2 Flared Shift, 10L80/90; New Type Auxiliary Pump Tube Seal, 10L80/90; Transmission Sound Insulator, 10L80/90; Stuck In Park, 10L80/90; Retaining Snap Ring Service Kit, C8 Corvette; Fluid Leak From Bell Housing Area, GM “B” Body; AWD Lamp On, DTCs Set, GM “B” Body; Rattle Noise From Front Of Vehicle, GM 6, 8, 9, & 10 Speed Transmissions: Harsh Engagements When Cold, MP3023 Transfer Case; DTC C199E Stored, MP3023/24 Transfer Case; Fluid Leak Between Trans & Transfer Case, 6T70; Converter Clutch Shudder Perception, Corvette Tremec TR9080 DCT; Service Transmission Message

MEDIUM DUTY TRUCK: Allison 1000; Sets DTC P0700, Allison 1000; DTC P0962 Set

FORD: 4R75E; Harsh 3-4 Shift, 4R75; Brutal 1-2 Shift After Rebuild, 5R44E; No Reverse After Rebuild, 5R55S; ATF Leaking From Bellhousing, FNR5; No Reverse, No 2nd & Harsh Shift Into 4th, 6F35; Before & After Rebuild P0741 & P1744 TCC Slip Codes, 6F35; Active Grill Shutter, 6F35/HF35; Shift System Fault, HF35; Thumping & Grinding Noises, 6F50; Intermittent VSS, 6F50; P1921Transmission Range Signal, 6F50; Transfer Case Oil Reset, 8F35; In & Out Of Lockup Before & After Rebuild, DPS6; Cannot Program, 6R80; Shudder & Metallic Noise, Lincoln ZF6HP26; P1719 Inaccurate Engine Torque Signal, 6R140; 2wd Extension Housing Bushing Failure, 6R140; No Reverse After Overhaul, 6R140; TCC Slip Codes & Converter Failure, 6R140; No Reverse Factory Reman Unit, 10R80; Falls Out Of 10TH, 10R80; Leaks Out Vent, 10R80; Intermittent Shift Quadrant, 10R80; Converter Failure

STELLANTIS: 42RLE; No Throttle & Multiple Codes After Rebuild, 62TE; Limp Mode After Rebuild, 62TE; P0934 Line Pressure Sensor Circuit Low, 62TE; No 6th Gear, 545RFE; Falls Out Of Gear On Acceleration, 545RFE; P0760 OD Solenoid Circuit, Jeep 545RFE; P0882 TCM Power Input Low, Dodge RFE Series; Drainback Issues, Jeep NAG1; Quits Shifting & U Codes, Dodge 66RFE; P0750 L/R Solenoid Circuit, 68RFE; P0871 Diagnosis Revisited, 845RFE; Binds In Reverse After Rebuild, Chrysler 845RFE; No Forward Or Reverse

IMPORT: Acura M7WA; Slipping On The 2-3 Shift, BMW ZF6HP26; Keeps Going Back To Park, BMW ZF8HP45; Neutrals On The 1-2 Shift, Honda/Acura 5 Speed; 3.5L & 2.4L Solenoid ID, Honda B90A; Limp Mode With DTC P0977 & P0756, Hyundai A6GF1; DTC P0732 Before & After Rebuild, Hyundai A6GF1; No Forward Movement, Hyundai Veloster D6GF1; No Engagements, Isuzu 450-43LE; Stuck In Failsafe With No Communication With TCM, Land Rover ZF8HP70; No Engagements, Mercedes Benz 722.9 4Matic; No Movement, Mercedes Benz 725.011; No Reverse DTC P073E, Mercedes Sprinter 722.6; TCC Slip-P0741 Set, Mercedes Benz 722.9 AWD; Binding Around Corners, Nissan RE0F09A; No Throttle Response, Nissan RE0F10A; No First Gear Or Throttle Response, Nissan RE011A; No Engagements After Rebuild, Nissan RE0F11A; No Movement After Rebuild, Nissan RE5R05A; Missing Bearing, Nissan RE5R05A; DTC P1757, Porsche PDK; DTC 1731/P1732, Subaru Lineartronic CVT; Transmission Fluid Seepage, Toyota A760E; Neutrals On The 5-6 Shift, Toyota AB60E; Third Gear Starts, Toyota AB60F; Slipping Or No Forward After Rebuild, Toyota U660E/U760E; Harsh Shifts After Solenoid Or Valve Body Replacement, Toyota U760E; Late Shifts, Toyota UB80E; Preliminary Information